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Working From Home – my normal

Covid-19 has opened the eyes of many employers with regards to working from home and there are many conversations going on regarding the future of this.

Without wishing to upset the apple cart too much, I want to respectfully point out that this is not an action to be taken without a great deal of thought and consideration. Let me detail some of the things that need to be considered:

LONELINESS. this is a major factor when working from home. At the moment I have my three cherubs home from school and I’m loving it – but post Covid-19 they will return to school and my home will be empty again. I overcome it by going to networking events and co-working spaces. How will employers help to alleviate this issue?

WORKSPACE: I work in a dedicated office space, with a comfortable office chair, a desktop PC, good lighting, ventilation, heating etc. I have however worked at the dining room table with a laptop! Let’s see if you can work out when I had aches and pains!

BROADBAND: I still use my home broadband to access the internet at home. I’m lucky; I live in an area where there is Fibre To The Property (FTTP); ultra fast broadband. But if it were to go down I would possibly have a long wait for a repair – business broadband gets priority. Are employers going to install business broadband for their home workers? I’ll just up and go to find a cafe or somewhere to jump on to!

INSURANCE: on top of the normal insurances associated with running your own business, don’t forget Home Insurance! Working from home needs to be declared to your home insurer – admin is a low risk industry so it hasn’t really affected my premiums. I believe that insurers are overlooking this during Covid-19 but will they in the future?

TELEPHONES: how are employees going to access their company’s phone system? On their own personal mobile phones? Seems to me that this area could create some issues for both sides alike.

SECURITY: by this I mean security of their work. Anti virus software, firewalls, malware, physical storage of documents. All data needs to be held securely. This means suitable processes in place and lockable cabinets etc – now the responsibility of the employer!

I really enjoy working from home and for me it is ideal. If I need to take my child to the orthodontics I can just up and go – I catch up with my work in the evenings or the weekend. I set my own deadlines and only accept the work that I know I can fulfil – that’s the beauty for me of being self- employed. I am dedicated to my work and loyal to my business at all times – it’s mine after all.

Stay Safe everyone!


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10 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Admin Assistant

We are amazing and here is 10 reasons why.

1. No extra space needed! A Virtual Admin Assistant has their own desk and overheads – no need to find room and spend £££ on a bigger office.

2. A Virtual Admin Assistant can work around your busy times, no need to worry about delegating during your peak times. A VAA works when you need them to. 

3. Employing a permanent full or part time Administrator can put pressure on your finances. Only pay for admin duties when they arise for a super efficient use of your budget. 

Don’t commit to employing someone it will put strain on your finances

4. There are specific admin duties that are 100% suited to a VAA, that’s their experience and realm of knowledge. 

5. Doing certain tasks yourself is an inefficient use of your time and probably not your area of expertise. Or maybe you just don’t like doing them. A Virtual Admin Assistant gives you back that time to do what you do best.

6. There maybe an essential-to-growth system or process you need to introduce to your business but you just don’t have time. A Virtual Admin Assistant can get it started for you or fully manage the process.

You may hate doing your bookkeeping and taxes but they need to be done.

7.  There are tasks like bookkeeping or taxes that you and your team are just not experienced to do. Taking on a firm of accountants or a bookkeeper can be expensive. A VAA can do those tasks + much more. 

8. Less important jobs are bogging you down, small but time consuming tasks will keep you away from making money. Give those jobs to your VAA they will probably make light work of them.

9. Hiring a VAA will reduce the time and cost of managing employees.

10. You are in control of the budget. Talk to your VAA about how much you have to do, how much time it is taking and how much you can afford. They will let you know what is possible and tailor your projects to your cashflow.


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