Remote Executive Assistant

Are you living the dream as far as your core work is concerned, but drowning with the stress of juggling all those tasks necessary in running your own business?

We get it - that's why we offer comprehensive Remote Executive Assistant services tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses like yours. Whether you're just starting out or looking to grow and expand, we are here to provide the assistance and guidance you need to succeed

Basic Support
For start ups who need a bit of admin support so that they can get on with their core business

Email Management

Calendar Management

Travel Arrangements

Data Entry

Expense Tracking

Advanced Assistance
For more established businesses who recognise that their own skills lie elsewhere

All the Basic Services, plus:

Document Preparation


Client Relationship Management

Personal Tasks

Premium Solutions
For business owners who are looking to grow and appreciate a critical friend

All Basic and Advanced Services, plus:

Business Development

Strategic Planning

Supplier Management

Team Coordination

Financial Analysis

A Remote Executive Assistant provides various services to support executives (business owners).  This includes managing schedules, organising meetings, handling correspondence, conducting research and coordinating travel arrangements.  Additionally tasks like data entry, preparing reports and managing email communication are commonly among our scope of responsibility.  The goal is to enhance productivity, streamline administrative  processes and increase profitability for executives;  working both remotely or onsite or a mixture of the two.

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