Your Questions Answered

So you think you need a Virtual Assistant but are struggling to see how we can work together without being in the same location?  These are genuine concerns that many clients have despite having to make it work over recent months- in fact these worries can stop you from going any further in getting support that your business deserves.  We have put together a handy infographic which we hope will start to alleviate your concerns!  We work together to find the right solution for YOU. 

Are you unsure of what types of tasks a Virtual Assistant can do?  Many tasks that VAs do can be done by yourself as a business owner AND there is a plethora of things that come under admin.  It's a relatively new sector, there are many VAs around and it may be unclear as to how we add value.  This gives you an idea of the tasks that we can perform, probably quicker and cheaper,  so that you can spend your time on your business - please feel free to ask us if you're interested in other tasks.

Why would you choose to hire a Virtual Assistant as opposed to employing someone either full- or part-time.  With the solutions we provide on either a retainer or on an ad-hoc basis, the answer for many of our clients is to utilise the services of a VA to support your business whilst it grows and develops.  In those early stages, for erratic workloads and for project work, along with your business plan, there are many compelling reasons to hire a freelance worker. 

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