Hi! I'm Janet Davies, I'm a Virtual Assistant and owner of admin2day.  I’m here to provide admin support for small businesses and self employed people, primarily in the local area of Herts, Beds and Bucks.  I want to help you in your business by doing those tasks that you don’t have time for – or simply don’t want to do.

I bring a flexible and common sense approach to support your admin needs – relieving you of stress,  giving you back your time and providing a cost effective solution to performing those tasks that are necessary for your business but are low on your fun factor.

I've worked in office administration since leaving school, many moons ago and worked in a number of industries.   Having worked in the dynamic and ever changing world of facilities management and health and safety, I've learnt to adapt my working style to fit my customer and situation.  I then went on to raise three children and worked, alongside my homemaker role, in the voluntary sector for a few years - this has certainly given me a huge insight into how to get the best work out of my colleagues!

My approach is friendly and pragmatic;  I don't speak the "corporate" language but help and advise in a down-to-earth manner.  I aim to be your first point of call for support in all of your business needs, either doing the work for you or helping you to find the right person.

Don't  hesitate to ask me for advice and assistance on anything - no job is too small in my experience.


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